Saturday, May 2, 2015

Two magic items for 5e

Cool magical items can make the best D&D campaign that much sweeter. Here is a few i dreamed up but have not been able to use yet.

The twin-circles of Sunlight and Moonlight
Illustration from the Nuremberg Chronicle,
by Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514)

A pair of metal circles about 21cm (8 inches) in diameter forged from star metal. One is golden and the other is silvery in color.

They work like this: If a magical item, like a wand or a magical dagger, is passed through the moonlight circle it removes the magical abilities from the item, leaving it a mundane shell. Passing the magical item through the sunlight circle restores the magical abilities.

For purposes of magic detection the sunlight circle appears magical until a magic item is stripped of its magic by the moonlight circle. At that point the moonlight can be detected as magical while the sunlight circle can not.

The twin-circles can only be used on items that physically be moved through the circles. The moonlight circle can not be used as long as the sunlight circle "holds" the magical abilities of an item. Magical abilities can only be restored to their original item. Pulling another object through the sunlight circle should have dangerous and spectacular effects (details are left to DM discretion).

Thanks to the guys at the Appendix N podcast for mentioning similar items in their eight episode covering The King of Elflands daughter by Lord Dunsany. And also thanks to Lord Dunsany for the original idea and for being one of the finest fantasists in history.

The Voice Gem

A gemstone of indeterminable kind, deep lilac in color with a slight pulsating light inside.

The gem contains the brain of a demon who has the ability to vocalize through vibrations in stone. The demon feels defenseless and lost. Once every day there is a 1-20 chance of it screaming and howling uncontrollably in utter fear.

If contacted through telepathy it will normally vocalize the words spoken into its mind. However, the demon can still feel good and evil qualities of thought and treachery is second nature to it.

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