Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Star - Princess of the Federation

Spaceship by Spizzina00 (CC-NC-ND-3.0)
The spaceship Zodiac holds the remnants of the Federation after they had to flee their homeworld of Æonia. The Federation was the leading power in an alliance of good planets that valued freedom, friendship and law.

Æonia was destroyed in a surprise attack by the Directorate, under the evil leadership of Director Orthotron.

Star is a young princess of the Federation thrust into a leadership role as the spaceship Zodiac travels through space in search of home. On their way they encounter dangerous space pirates, strange alien cultures and must always look out for their archenemy – the Directorate and it's droid forces.

Sci-fi Princess Nori by Angryspacecrab (CC-BY.3.0)
Star is, luckily, not without helpers. Commanding the Zodiac's bridge is Captain Baker, a stern and brave woman with effective control of her subordinates. In the ships hospital wing the eccentric doctor Egold Brookson cures disease and advocates for peace in a universe hellbent on war. Star's private teacher is Mrs. Mason, a widower with a heart of gold, warm tea and an infinite amount of homespun wisdom to share.

With all these allies what could a princess want?

Of course... There is also young federation cadet Brusse Jenkin, a young man just as confused and just as brave as the princess. Will Star and Brusse find their way through the galaxy? Can they escape the evil Director, or defeat the vicious Space Pirate Queen Lustria and can they trust the trust the mysterious light beings called the Archons?